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The Venus Project: Redesigning our Society

A stunning vision of the future where the entire world becomes a single unified collaborative community.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

The Future

Imagine a world where money has become obsolete. Food production is at a level where everyone can have all he can eat at absolutely no cost.  Energy is likewise free, clean and sustainable. No one has to work to sustain himself because resources are shared freely.This is the basic focus of the radical video “Zeitgeist: Addendum”.

The first part of the video makes a compelling case that our “money-based” economy is severely flawed and broken.  This system has failed so miserably and we are now witnessing its most terrible consequences; economy after economy are spiralling out of control. Greed and corruption it argues are not the problem, but rather a symptom. At first you get the feeling that this is a revival of the “anti-establishment” hippy movement of the 60’s, but as the video progresses it takes it one step further. It actually offers a plausible alternative to the madness: a resource-based economy.

We have the technology and the resources to create the abundance that will eradicate any need for money.

The truth is we already have the technologies to solve our most pressing problems like hunger, pollution, disease and energy supply, but because these solutions threaten the profit margins of groups that control these resources, these solutions are suppressed, and the problems persist.  Scarcity is created and perpetuated so that prices can be kept high, and profits can be pushed to the maximum.

Right now the concern is how much will these solutions cost and how will it impact the bottom line and so there is really no incentive to solve these problems. Companies will continue to pollute, and employ children in sweatshops and use patent rights to keep cleaner greener technology at extremely restrictive prices to prevent any disruption of their current revenue streams.

But what if there was a better way of doing things. What if there are solutions to all our pressing global problems and the only thing keeping us from implementing them are the greed of a few. Shouldn’t we strive to dismantle the systems that justify and institutionalize that perpetuation of that greed?

We are already seeing pockets of change.

People are creating new technology and giving it away especially to those who can most benefit from it but who would otherwise have no access to such a technology.  People are opening up their designs so that they can be perfected by a community of people with complimentary disciplines while all share the benefits of its use.

This system could work. In fact, it is in our best interest to make it work (at least for the majority of us).  Think of what this world could achieve if everyone put their talents and resources together to find better ways to produce and distribute food for everyone, to create free clean renewable energy, to provide health and healing services to all who need it.  We have never been in a better position to achieve this as now.  We have never been more connected and therefore more able to share ideas, technologies, resources as in the present day.

This new system will disrupt many of the current industries and it is reasonable to assume that these industries will put up a big fight to protect their interests. But it is the change that we must, as human beings, aspire for. This is our planet, it is our home.  We are but a single community of people and we need to take care of each other, not just to take at the expense of another. We all need to do our part because we all stand to benefit from the development, sharing and renewal of resources.

The new society will provide all people with all of life’s necessities

If a person has access to the necessities of life without servitude, debt, barter, trade they behave very differently. You want all these things available without a price tag.

~Jacques Fresco

Industrial Designer

Social Engineer

A glimpse of what could be if profits were not an issue.

Our world is ripe for change; a revolution, is you will. And although as Jacques Fresco admits it will not be a perfect society, it could still promises to be a far better one than what we have today.

Zeitgeist: Addendum–A thought-provoking film.

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