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Print Your World

The world of printing or printing of the world?

If I told you that someone just printed a wrench, you would probably think, what’s so incredible about that? Well, he actually printed a wrench, not just a picture of it.  He printed a real live wrench (okay it wasn’t alive, but it was a real true to life wrench). He scanned it and then he printed it, in color.  And they didn’t just print a wrench, they printed a whole lot of other stuff, as the exact copies of the original (although they didn’t really show us how they did that).  Then they printed a cheeseburger. Yeah, right!

And as if that wasn’t ludicrous enough. I would go even further and tell you that someone printed a kidney. He didn’t just print the kidney with human cells, he actually implanted it in a boy who has now become a young man because of it.  Impossible? Not so, it seems.

Who knew printing could solve so many problems?

Printing technology it seems, has more applications than just ink on paper. Innovations in this technology are solving problems like tool replacement in space and even more remarkably, organ replacement.  But seeing these applications at work just seem to open up boundless possibilities.  Maybe printing cheese burgers are still in the distant future, but the wrench and the kidney are already here.

I have included 2 short videos of these incredible printers in action. Somehow seeing it makes it so much easier to believe.  The wrench printer video is a clip from National Geographic’s Known Universe. And the kidney printer video is a TED Talks video. See it for yourself.

3D Printer

Organ Printer