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Concepts for Tiny Living Spaces

Turning Tiny Living Spaces into a Home

Let’s face it, as the population grows the demand for living space grows with it, and so does the price tag.  if you are on a tight budget, the challenge becomes how to get the most out of tiny living spaces that meet you budget requirements.

The secret, it seems, is to tuck away elements of that space to allow more freedom of movement when these elements are not in use. Another useful trick is to utilize the upper spaces that are normally left empty in larger living spaces. Finally and most importantly, simplify your life, deciding definitively what is important to you and what is not. Then you must learn to let go of things that mean little to you so you have the space for things that do.

8 Square Meters of Living Space

There are solutions if you are living alone in a tiny living space, 8 square meters to be exact. A little too extreme , as far as tiny living spaces go, but if this is all the space you can afford, you can still make your home cozy by using simple cost-effective design.

Small Living Space
The space before renovations

This London apartment started out as a tiny room, normally just enough to fit a bed, but with a really clever design, they were able  extend the living space in this tiny room. To allow for moving space, all elements were set against a wall with a bed compartment suspended above the storage space, and a bookshelf which cleverly doubles as stairs to reach the bed, and can also be  tucked away neatly when not in use.

Watch how Kitoko Studio managed to squeeze a bed, bookshelf and storage space, a dining nook, a pantry area and a toilet and bath into this tiny room.

Tiny living space in Paris (8 sqm. only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

24 Square Meters of Living Space

The normal condominium units available on the market available at the budget of an average wage earner in the Philippines would be around 20-36 square meters. If you have seen an actual unit, you would realize this isn’t really very much space but it would still be double or even triple the tiny 8 square meter space above. Using the same design tricks of tucking you can still give yourself ample living space.

Another brilliant execution of design for a tiny living space of 24 square meters was done by faircompanies in a lego style apartment. The apartment was began as a basic studio unit. When renovated, it was transformed into a cozy loft complete with all the basic living amenities.

Tiny Living Spaces 24sqm
Unit before renovation
Tiny Living Spaces 24sqm
Unit before renovation

As you see in the video, most of the space was still preserved by neatly tucking away large elements like the kitchen that has a stove, a dishwasher, microwave oven, a full size fridge and freezer and a little pantry storage. The bed, when pulled out occupies a large portion of the living space but when tucked neatly under the balcony, it doubled as a sofa and storage. The dining table doubled as a window blind. The unit also had storage room for clothes and sports equipment. When everything was tucked away there was plenty of room to move around.

Christian Schallert, the apartment owner said the design was inspired by boat houses that had very limited space and therefore had to make use of the same strategies to preserve space.

The video below shows the masterful use of a tiny living space.

You can always make extra room in a tiny living space with a little budget and a lot of creativity.

Photo Credits: Photos are screen shots taken from the videos of Kitoko Studio and faircompanies.