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John H. Clarke and His Music

Nothing moves me more than the pure beautiful sound of guitar music. I’d like to present one of my favourite guitar heroes, John H. Clarke.

With Love (single)
John H. Clarke

I first heard John’s music on Youtube, and I have been fan ever since. I find his music very, what’s the word? Authentic!

Yes, that is precisely the word I’m looking for.  It’s like when he picks up his guitar and starts to play,  the music jumps up at you and you get the sense that this piece of music is woven into the moment and it will never happen this way again. And that makes the music so precious.

I don’t know John personally except by the music I hear and the videos I watch of him playing.  The dynamic energy that whirl around John, the guitar and the music is really what grips me. It’s like his fingers start to do a dance on the strings and music comes alive and it gets him going and you can feel the intensity building up and like the spirit of the music has taken over.  Then John, the guitar and the music merge into a single powerful entity.  And if you just happen be in the same frequency, it sucks you in with it and, well, it changes you somehow, like all wonderful art changes you.

The charm of his music does not lie at all in technical perfection. It comes from genuine “in-the-momentness” and the grace with which his hands persuade the guitar strings to sing.  His music is free, untamed, playful and pure. So beautiful.  It’s one of my happy places. Explore his music on Youtube the John H. Clarke Channel.

Watch John Clark perform “A Walk to the Lake”

You can also download John Clarke’s music at  Amazon