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Read with Your Ears

Have you ever wished you could read more but couldn’t  because you just didn’t have the time?

audiobookWell then, I would like to propose a solution: The  Audiobook. 

The moment I began using audiobooks, I was hooked. From a dismal 0 books a year, I managed to “read” through 30 plus books in a year with room for more.

Audiobooks have a unique advantage over its paper and e-book forms, in that you can “read” them while performing other activities like driving, commuting or working out.  You can even “read” them in the dark. What would otherwise be mutually exclusive activities like reading and working out; or reading and driving, they can now be simultaneous and complementary. Now you can shop, work out, drive, commute, take a walk or do the laundry while someone reads you a book.  All that new-found time can now be spent learning a new skill or getting swept away in some far away adventure.

Buying and using audiobooks made simple

Some years ago the audiobook book might have been cumbersome to use, because it would have required a cassette or CD player.  But now after the creation of this awesome invention called the mp3 player, audiobooks are ultra-simple to acquire and use. And because you are given the option to choose your preferred  file size (with some trade-off in sound quality) disk space is no longer a major issue.  A 7 hour audiobook can fit in under 30 MB of disk space.  Also, since mp3 players are built into many phones so you may not even need a separate device to play it.

Then there are the online stores that allow you to download your audiobook within seconds.  If you’re not sure you want it yet, these stores offer you a sampler you can listen to.  Now, because the book has been reduced to a downloadable digital file which is delivered electronically, the costs of production, marketing and shipping a book has dropped significantly making them so much more affordable than ever before.  And if you are really committed to reading, you can avail of more discounts by subscribing to their member programs.

So read, read and read even more

If all these reasons I have mentioned so far still don’t compel you to start reading, maybe this will. The world has changed in very profound ways. The age of the knowledge worker has arrived. The skills for jobs have changed and the skills that were once highly marketable are rapidly becoming obsolete, replaced by automation and robotics.  And if you haven’t started retooling, you might wake up one day very soon to find out that your company has purchased a software that renders your services unnecessary.  By that time you would have been totally unprepared for what happens next.

Start now. Invest in your future.  Read.  Learn. Prepare yourself for the inevitable. Yes, the world has changed, but never before has information been more accessible to everyone and that provides you with unparalleled opportunities for growth and self-development. Sooner or later you will have to pay for the costs of these changes.  The longer you wait the higher those costs are going to be. This might not be evident to you right now but it will be soon enough. Learning something new is always a wonderful thing, so why not keep it going while you have the leverage of time and technology.   Click here for some great audiobooks to start with.

Or download these highly recommended e-books now: