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Kneading Away Those Aches and Pains

Reflexology:   Healing the Natural Way

Before you pop those pain-killing tablets, you might want to consider a more natural alternative.  Over-the-counter pain medication can get toxic over time with repeated use. To spare your liver from having to filter all those chemicals, maybe you take step back and consider reflexology.

Reflexology is an alternative healing method that uses pressure on specific areas on the body surface especially on the hands and feet to heal an organ or another part directly connected to it.  This healing art form has its roots in ancient civilizations across several continent.  And perhaps because of its efficacy, healers continue to use it today. Without going in-depth into the healing philosophies that explain the workings of this healing art, it suffices to say the basic principle behind it is that the body is structured in a way where connections exists between the internal organs and a surface part of the body. It was discovered that applying pressure to specific areas on the body’s surface can bring about healing internally.

If you are prone to headaches or back aches, this is a very handy first aid tool help you relieve discomfort in those areas. For the head and sinuses, massage the tips of your fingers. For the back, massage the back of your hands. (See the chart below).  Apply pressure as you can comfortably endure.  To get the full benefit of this therapy, seek the services of a trained reflexologist and work closely with him/ her to identify the areas of your discomfort and knead away those nasty aches and pains.

Please understand that I am in no way suggesting that this is a cure-all solution for your problems or that this can and will replace conventional medicine altogether.  Do consult your doctor or health practitioner when you experience pain or discomfort so you can be given a more complete profile of your health status as well as all the treatment options for your condition. Taking into consideration the severity and urgency of your condition, choose the option or options that provide the most health benefits and the least risks.

Many natural treatments like reflexology can provide relief and holistic healing with minimal or no side effects, toxicity or cell damage. It also often works very well in tandem with other treatment modalities if you so choose to employ them.

I found a really helpful chart that maps out the areas of the hands and feet that are connected to the various organs throughout the body. If you are having some trouble in a particular organ or body part, look for the name of the afflicted part on the chart and run your mouse over the word to find out which part of hand or feet you should massage to relieve your symptoms.

Reflexology Hand Chart

Reflexology Foot Chart

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