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Humour is a collections of jokes and funny stories that have made the authors LOL, ROFL or LMAO (forgive the slight indiscretion). What can I say? I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. Humour sets out to do exactly that.

Signs of Life


The office signs can be a medium of expression. Here are some laugh-provoking signs found in the workplace. Here are some really funny office signs. Click them to enlarge.  Have fun!

Funny Office Signs

These pictures were emailed to me.  They were too funny not to share.

The Lighter Side of…Pedring

A day after Typhoon Pedring bashes Luzon with maximum sustained winds of 140 kilometers per hour near the center and gustiness of up to 170 kilometers per hour plus wide-spread flooding in the Metro, we take a breather to…laugh, the most effective stress relief therapy there is.  Ripped of from the FB walls of friends, here is the lighter side of…

Typhoon Pedring (27 September 2011)

Monoblock footwear or Chairwear
Philippine Submarine
The Philippine Submarine

When you’ve just go to make that call…

People calling pay phones in flood water
Unusual Call Flow

And when life just keeps pouring down on you…

…WAKEBOARD!!! (in gold puruntong shorts =)