Conquer your Giants: A Little Girl’s Funny True Story

Little Boxer Girl

Walking on my way to the bank I observed on the street a little girl who was, for some reason, putting all her effort into trying to beat with her fists, a young man carrying a baby. She wasn’t really making an impact as the man didn’t pay her much attention and a few bystanders were laughing at her efforts. She was too little to do any damage or so they thought because she was barely any taller than his waist and it was so easy to dodge her blows.

I guess at that point, the little girl decided she needed a new strategy. So she stopped hitting the guy with her fists, used both her hands to grab the man’s shorts from the waist and pulled down as hard as she could. Down came the man’s shorts along with his underpants, and since he was holding a baby, there wasn’t much he could do for a good few seconds. That was enough to make a point, and the little girl grinned from ear to ear, triumphant.

7 Take-aways from this story:

  1. Respect the little guys. They can see things you can’t.
  2. Know your options and keep an eye out for new and exciting opportunities out there.
  3. Constantly check your progress. If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, change your strategy.
  4. Just because it’s bigger than you doesn’t mean you can’t beat it.
  5. Keep going. It’s never over until you give up.
  6. Never underestimate ‘Girl Power’!
  7. Celebrate your victories.

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